Wolfgang got himself a brandnew Charvel San Dimas (yes, the superstrats from the eighties and yes it’s pink). He decided to make a test in which he compared the seymour duncans that came with the guitar to some superhighend pickups that he had lying around. Check out the sounds and his awesome playing!

Wolfgang wrote:

Use Headphones for better sound quality!

I recently bought a new guitar and decided to try out some different pickups in it…the guitar was sounding great before the mod too, but I was curious to hear the Q-Tuners in it because I thought they would nicely match the guitar (not only in color! ;-). I noticed that there weren’t any demos for the Q-Tuners using clean or even fingerpicked sounds, so I decided to do this demo.
As the changing of the pickups needed some time I couldn’t make all the recordings on the same day. To preserve the quality of the experiment I recorded all dry signals to the computer first and then played and recorded all tracks through the guitar amp in one single session.
What’s important to note here is that in the process the signal was converted from analog to digital and back (“AD/DA’d”) several times, which inevitably degrades the subtleties of sound color. By the way, this is why digital processors (used as guitar effects/pedalboards) usually can’t keep up with analog stompboxes in terms of delivering a good guitar sound.
The audio compression of the Youtube video again took away a little bit of sound quality – STILL there’s a very clear and noticeable difference!
If you can’t hear any difference, use headphones as the PC speakers often are not capable of delivering those sublte details fine enough.
Watch out for the pickup selector switch in the middle of tracks #2 and #3 – I really dig the middle position (coming second in the tracks) with both Pickup brands!

Go ahead and comment on anything you hear!

…by the way, the backing tracks are taken from actual YOGA LOGIK tunes 🙂

Gear used:
Black pickups: Seymour Duncan SH-1N (Neck) | TB-4 (Bridge)
Red pickups: Q-Tuners GL-6 Mid Z (Neck) | GL-6 High Z (Bridge)
Guitar: Charvel San Dimas. Body: Ash, Neck: Maple (one piece, bolt-on)

Signal path:
1) Guitar>Z-Vex Super Hardon (signal booster)>Mackie Onxy (mixer) to Firewire>Logic Pro (recording software).
2) Levels were evened out in Logic (as the Q-Tuners had a little less output), otherwise all settings were exactly the same for the same tracks.
3) Mackie Onyx out>Vox AC15HW>AKG Perception 220 (mic)>Mackie Onyx>Logic Pro>added to video>Youtube